Community Initiatives Associates are an independent social publishing and events company that produces high quality, innovative materials designed to have a positive impact on communities.  
Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers receive a first class service and that our products encourage good citizenship and social responsibility. 


Administration & Customer Service 
We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by guaranteeing the integrity of our systems and processes, the accuracy of our documentation and by providing excellent customer service.  
Our aim is to ensure that every customer is dealt with in a professional manner and we constantly strive for improvement and greater levels of efficiency. 
Community Aware Magazine strives to report, entertain and inform our many readers across the UK with our handpicked selection of national stories, focused community news and wide-ranging engaging news features. 
We place editorial accuracy, ethics and quality reporting as a cornerstone of our drive to provide our faithful readers with a magazine which is as informative and reliable as it is enjoyable to read. 
We are dedicated and passionate about encouraging community-minded businesses to support our products.  
We aim to offer our customers a professional and efficient service and to represent our clients to the best of our ability whilst striving for continuous improvement. 
Our designers are instrumental in the formation of new products and have a free reign to be artistic and use their creative flair; this ensures our products are unique and exclusive. 
Trained in all the latest design packages to ensure our valued customers receive artwork that is distinctive to them 
We produce a range of magazines and related materials designed to have a positive impact on communities. 
Our aim is to maintain an industry-leading level of quality, to constantly seek innovative new methods of communication and to continue to develop original products. 
Human Resources 
The Human Resources Department is committed to identifying and responding to the companies ever changing needs and ensuring delivery of organisation objectives. 
We guarantee that only the highest calibre of candidate is recruited and that their abilities and experiences are enhanced and developed to complement the overall skills of our workforce. 
Our aim is to instil on-going training and development for each individual member of our team, ensuring that every person is a valuable asset to our company. 
We look to maximise excellent employee relations and excellent personal and group performance by providing leadership and guidance in the development, implementation and equitable administration of policies and procedures. 
We encourage a fun working environment which promotes a sense of wellbeing and appreciation, we thrive on our staff enjoying coming to work which leads to a strong, loyal and highly productive workforce. 
Our business plan is simple. We believe in promoting ourselves by raising the profiles of all our partners, advertisers and sister organisations.  
Through our strategically targeted communication and PR plan we strive to build our business by celebrating not only our successes, but those of our partners through multiple media channels, as well as through our social media and online presence. 
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